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Austin Caine

I have been capturing souls for well over ten years with a passion for it that consistently drives me to try and outshine myself. Starting out as "that annoying guy always taking pictures" at my friends' parties, over the years I have since morphed into a locally well-known artist working with numerous talented people in the fashion and entertainment industries. I enjoy being completely immersed in the "now" and have developed a keen eye for freezing those fleeting moments that define our most memorable experiences. ​ ​

​I love photography because it allows me to fully observe and connect with people and the world around me. No matter where I am or who or what I'm looking at my mind is always framing, composing, and calculating how to capture the perfect image to truly represent the subject. My main style is candid photojournalism though I'm very comfortable with portraiture and fine art as well. Regardless of what or how I'm shooting I always prefer to capture a truly real moment with real emotion rather than try to​ fake it. There's no cloudy studio backgrounds with white wicker chairs, no sitting awkwardly just to the left with your hands on your lap, no looking off into some unknown foggy distance. There is you, me, and an infinite world of ideas all around us. Let's have some fun, shall we?

Photos I've managed to sneak into...

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