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Winter Music Conference (Miami 2011)

Follow me for days while I pop in and out of some of the best shows the 2011 Winter Music Conference had to offer. Miami was it's usual beautiful self full of beautiful people having beautiful times. I also had some amazing times but one not so amazing.

The night I arrived I was in a house full of other folks, all wrangled to go out and capture these events. We didn't have to get started until the next day so we all decided to use the night to party it up and get to know one another. We had a lot of fun, and a lot of alcohol, and while standing out on the street shouting to passerby's and whooping it up, I let go of my camera thinking my neckstrap was still around my neck. It wasn't. *SMASH!*

There were real tears. And the next day I had to quickly go out and buy a new camera body (luckily the lens didn't hit anything). To this day I never wear a neckstrap, that bad boy stays kung-fu gripped in my hands with only a strap around my index finger to keep it secure. Never dropped since either.

So here's the photos from that new camera ;-)

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