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How To Order Prints & Downloads

I run my website using SmugMug, a service which allows me offer high resolution digitial downloads, beautiful quality prints through the illustrious Bay Labs in California, and even little keepsakes like keychains, coffee mugs, and more. What this means, though, is that my clients are subject to their ordering and checkout systems and how they flow. It can be a bit confusing at first so I'm going to walk you through a few pointers to get you on your way to ordering! I hope this helps :)

Ordering A Single Photo

1... Click the "Buy" Button

If you are only purchasing one photo in total, the first step begins with either clicking the green BUY button that appears when you hover over the thumbnail image -OR- clicking the green PURCHASE button that apppears when the image is being viewed fullscreen -THEN- selecting "This Photo" from the popup menu.

2... Select a Category

A window will pop up with your photo on the left and product categories on the right. Select a category. (NOTE: not every step below applies to every category but this is the order regardless)

3... Select a Product

Each category contains various products. For example, if you are interested in a high resolution digital download, select "Personal Photo License" from the "Downloads" category. (Unless you plan to use it for commercial gains but you should speak to me first about that anyway!)

4... Select a Size/Options

Now that you know what you want, it's time to figure out how big you want it. Your only limitation is wall space! Then for prints you can choose the finish of the paper and ink!

5... Select a Quantity

How many do you want? (IMPORTANT! Be sure to adjust the cropping on the photo before moving on!)

6... Add To Your Cart

Click that big green button to put this item in your shopping cart!

7... Checkout or Go Back

If you are ready to checkout click the "View Cart" button to continue or "Close" if you want to keep looking/shopping!

Ordering Multiple Photos

1... Click the "Buy Photos" Button

The easiest way to purchase multiple photos from a single gallery is either to click the green "Buy Photos" button on the top right hand side of the gallery -OR- you can repeat step one above -THEN- select "Photos From This Gallery" from the popup menu.

2... "Change Product"

The most important difference begins here. Now you see a window with a thumbnail gallery on the left and options on the right. The first thing you want to do is click the gray "Change Product" button to bring up a list of products, separated into category tabs. Find the product in the category you are looking for and click on it's name. This brings you back to the thumbnail gallery with that product set as current.

3... Select The Photos You Want Only As That Product

Using the gallery on the left, click on each photo to highlight it and select all of the ones you wish to purchase as the current product selected. Set your quantity here as well.

4... Add To Cart

Click the green "Add Photos to Cart" button to place these products into your shopping cart.

5... Checkout or Go Back

If you are ready to checkout click the "Checkout" button to continue or "Back to Gallery" if you want to keep looking/shopping.

Rinse and Repeat...

If you would like to add other products to your cart simply go back to step 2 and restart the process with the products and photos you would like!

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