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So... What Kind of Photography Do You Do, Anyway?

This is probably the number one question I hear and it always results in me fumbling to come up with a simple explanation on the spot. The short answer is everything! I simply enjoy photography in its purest form. The subject and setting can be anything and I will do my best to capture the most revealing and compelling representation of it. My ability to anticipate a shot is a skill I've been honing for well over a decade now and I truly enjoy immersing myself into the present moment and freezing those fleeting occasions that normally go unnoticed.

Now then I assume, if you are reading this, that you are curious about it as well. So allow me to lay out the different types of photography services I can offer along with some visual examples in hopes that my work will speak for itself in convincing you that I am the best choice for the job, no matter what it is. Enjoy!

Personal Portraits

Whether in the studio or on location, a portrait session is a fun and creative way to capture the true spirit of any person. Maybe you want to update your online profile pictures, or add new material to your modelling portfolio, or show off your new LED hula hoop. Maybe you just want to take some amazing pictures of yourself to prove you've still got "it!" No matter the reason, I will happily work with you to tailor a unique shoot that truly speaks to who you are.

Professional Head Shots

Actors, comedians, business owners, executives, politicians, and a host other people are always in need of a classic head and shoulders picture for resumes, portfolios, business cards, agencies, what have you. I will work with you to ensure a relaxed, natural photo that accurately depicts your facial features in a complimentary light.

Pet Portraits

Being an animal lover myself I know how important pictures of our dearly beloved pets can be. Dogs, cats, birds, snakes, fish, turtles, tigers or unicorns. No matter what mythical pet you have I will do my best to capture that cute little face so you can squee and swoon over it until the end of time!

Public Events

Let's face it, there's always going to be some good times going on somwhere that need to be captured. Hire me and I'll make sure your good times look even better! I love putting myself right into the middle of the action to get the best shots available. To me, a crowd is just one big fun plaything and I've never been afraid to be in or next to the spotlight. If you have an event happening and you need only expert ninja level photo capturing skills I can definitely help you!

Parades and Festivals

Nightclubs and Dance Parties

Private Events

Sometimes you may not want everyone in the world coming to your doorstep for every event. In those cases I can be there to candidly capture your good times and help you share only what you like.

Commercial Catalogue

Everyone knows that the first impression is the most important. When you are selling goods to the public your catalogue is often your introduction so why not let the photos of your products speak for themselves? I work very hard to make sure every details is evenly lit, articulated, and accurately colored. Allow me to perfectly represent your wares!

Complete Looks and Outfits

Fashionable Accessories

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Fine Jewelry

Handbags and Purses

Home Decor and Accents




Some areas of photography aren't as glamorous as others but they still need the same love. Just as architects and interior designers take pride in the details they put into any room or building, I take pride in my ability to accurately portray those details. Whether the photos are used for marketing materials, planning sessions, real estate sales, or just to simply frame and admire, let me help you better represent your space!

Real Estate Listings

Interior Design

Commercial Spaces

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